About us

Fabio, Giuseppe and Angela

Travel To Matera was born by the idea of three young guys of telling about their own city, Matera.

We want talk about it to everyone interested in; a city of 9000 years of history at the back. Our mission is declinated through different tools. First of all the blog site, through which we try to send the most important inputs: curiosity and interest in this place.

In addition to the blog, we want make possible living the “experience” of our city. Typical accomodation, settlement of touristic supply and info service.

So, we intend developing, through an innovative, open and fluid frame, the idea of doing business on our region, with it and for it.

Fabio, 23 years old, graduated in Economics&Marketing, I’m attending a Master’s Degree at the University of Milan-Bicocca. I come back home as soon as possible, usually in-between an exam and the following one, because I deeply love my land, its traditions and culture. In the blog Travel to Matera I write informative posts just to let you know the beauty and magnificence of my land. Actually, that is what I usually do every day with my friends and colleagues: I take any occasion to talk them about my town and my region. I’m very interested in politics, football and social media too. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Giuseppe, 34 years old, Fabio’s brother and Angela’s love and business patner, I have been managing “Sapori dei Sassi” for six years, an e-shop selling food and wine from Southern Italy (by means of an e-commerce website); however, Sapori dei Sassi is also a brick and mortar store located in the heart of the Sassi of Matera.  I am also a blogger, I mainly deal in wine. To me Travel to Matera represents another exciting challenge to win, I will write posts on this blog, I will organize the tourist hospitality and I will keep on searching for more accomodation facilities.

Angela, 30 years old, Giuseppe’s partner for ages, graduated in Modern Languages, I speak English fluently, Spanish (a little bit less) and French (as much as neeeded).  I usually do the same as Giuseppe, maybe even more. Travel to Matera, to me, is the chance to talk about the town I love more than any other in the world, that is Matera, my hometown.

Why choose us

Professionality and experience.  Yes, it is true, we are young but it doesn’t mean we are not professional.  We truly know Matera, it is the town where we were born and we live in; we deeply know the Sassi of Matera, we have a shop there, we “live” these districts every single day.

Availability and assistence.  We are available for any information, doubt and/or suggestion of any kind.

Network of partners.  We have been working in the field of tourist hospitality for several years, we know and work with a lot of tourist operators with which we have built up a network of tourist professionals capable of meeting any need.

For more information:
+39 (0)320 7875341 or email at info@traveltomatera.com


  1. Hi, chanced upon your wonderful and informative site while searching for things to do in Matera.
    Just wondering if you guys offer guided tours for some great hikes in and around town to the insider places that only locals will know and to rock churches in the Regional History Park of the Matera Cave Churches?

    About us:
    Me and my boyfriend and my mum will be arriving on 21 Sept morning till late 23 Sept and will be staying in Sant Angelo for two nights.
    Hope to hear from you.

    • Hello Joel, pleased that our website hes been useful to you. Near the Sant’Angelo Hotel there’s a Tourist InfoPoint where you can book a guided tour in English on the Murgia plateau, a real paradise for hikers. Call Mr Enzo Montemurro at +338 7055929 and tell him that Angela Bottarini gave you his number. He’s the best! Then come to visit me at “Sapori dei Sassi”, a shop selling local food and wine which is located in Via Bruno Buozzi, 9 very close to your hotel. It will be a real pleasere to meet you. Enjoy your stay in Matera!

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