All the main beaches, one hour far from Matera

Matera is wonderful, with an incomparable historic and archaeological heritage; however, during a long stay you can easily go to the beach which is not far from the town of the Sassi.

In fact, here you are a list of the most beautiful beaches you can reach by car in less than one hour from Matera.  These Beaches extend over the Ionian coast of Basilicata, with thin and golden sand, where you can tan under the warm sun of the South and take a bath in the pure and shallow water: they are ideal for families with children and inexperienced bathers.

Metaponto Lido.  It is the closest beach to Matera, that is why it is often called “Matera beach”.  Metaponto is just 35 minutes far from Matera by car, just like the other seasides of the Ionian coast, and it is popular for its golden sand and shallow water.  On the seafront there are a lot of beaches with any facilities, where you can rent beach umbrellas and lounger for moderate price and enjoy a sunny day.  Free seasides are not missing too.  Metaponto is also rich in hotels, resorts and accomodation of any kind, restaurants, self-service restaurants, camping areas, equipped service areas for camper vans and some seaside discoteques.  Moreover, swimming pool lovers can have fun at the Acquapark (a water park), which is just 3Km far from Metaponto, along the s.s. 106 Jonica (state highway, indicated with blue signs) with a lot of swimming poools, water games and water slides for both adults and children: at the end of the day you will be very tired but extremely happy.

Scanzano Jonico.  It is a small town close to Metaponto but with wider seasides and a pine grove where you can have a rest or lunch in the shade.

Nova Siri.  Here the landscape is quite similar to the preceding ones, with golden and thin sand, wide pine groves just on the back of the seaside, pure and shallow water.  Nova Siri is the town of the Ionian coast which is richest in high quality resorts.

Policoro.  Unlike the preceding towns, Policoro has deeper water and it alternates stretches of sandy beach and stretches of pebbly beach, with always pure and clean water.  It is a very quiet and comfortable town, ideal for families.  Policoro is also full of luxury resorts: among them “Marinagri”resort stands out, a real “floating” town.

Castellaneta Marina.  Unlike the preceding towns, Castellaneta Marina is geographically in Apulia (province of Taranto), but it doesn’t mean it is farther than the other towns mentioned before.  Getting to Castellaneta Marina is as simple and quick as going to Policoro: they mainly differ in the kind of accomodation tourists can find (Castellaneta is very rich in villas and luxury apartments) and in evening attractions.  In fact, whereas in the Ionian coast quiet and relaxation prevail, Castellaneta Marina is rich in high quality discoteques: just two key words are accepted here…have fun!



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