Low cost holidays for families based on art, history and relaxation

To me, the town of the Sassi can be an ideal example of low cost vacation holiday for families.  Matera is not simply arts, history, culture, architecture and relaxation but also beaches and fun.  Let’s see why:

  • First of all, Matera is the surest and quitest town of Italy, a real oasis of happiness and tranquillity.  You can go out and walk anywhere and anytime without suffering any pickpocketing or harassment.  Criminality in Matera doesn’t exist and this is of paramount importance when you go on holiday with your family.
  • Art is everywhere in Matera: just think of the hundreds of cave churches, the wonderful churches of the new town dating back to the 1700s and the museums.  Frescoes, paints sculptures and other Baroque-style and Romanian masterpieces that have been preserved up to now, now that Matera is one of the 6 candidates to become the European Capital of Culture in 2019.
  • Matera is history by definition, it’s one of the oldest town in the world, continuously inhabited since the Neolithic age.  Once arrived in Matera you will be able to visit the prehistoric caves (where people lived 10.000 years ago) and the Sassi districts, with their caves which have been built by local people in time, which now have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Matera is an ideal town to relax with your family.  In the evening, after visited the Sassi districts, you can have a walk with your family in the town and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, completely different from the chaos and confusion of large cities, together with thousands of people, both citizens and tourists.  Walking slowly along the streets of a timeless town, having an artisan ice cream in an observation platform while enjoying the amazing view of the Sassi…well, this is simply priceless!
  • Once you’ve visited both Sassi districts, the National Park of the Cave Churches, all the churches and museums of the town, then you can also plan to spend a day to the beach, there are beautiful places along the Ionian coast, just 30 minutes far from Matera.  The Ionian coast is famous for its crystal clear sea and fine golden sand: this is the ideal place to relax, have a swim and have fun with your children.

Holidays in Matera and the surroundings could be interesting, relaxing and (why not?!) very cheap: you just need to pay attention to these three aspects:

  1. The choice of the accommodation.  Of course, if you want to save money then you should decide to stay in a holiday home instead of a hotel or b&b.  This choice allows you to save twice as a holiday home is the cheapest accommodation by definition and you can also avoid to spend too much money in restaurants for your meals since you can cook in the house.
  2. As explained above, you just need 30 minutes to get to the beach by car and, of course, an accommodation in town is cheaper than seaside resorts especially in the summertime.  Therefore, the best you can do is booking an accommodation in town and then going to the beach in a few minutes without spending too much money.
  3. Take as much information as you can about the places to visit during your stay, about restaurants, museums, churches and events so that you will perfectly know what to see, where to go and how much you will spend.  Uninformed tourists can be easily ripped off.


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