Matera as European Capital of Culture 2019? Yes, we can!

In 2019 Italy will be the heart of Europe.  Then, in fact, this country will have the task of electing the city that will perform the role of “European Capital of Culture” for a whole calendar year.

That year Matera may have the chance of showing its own city life and traditions through its cultural heritage and events aiming to make the town stand out.  All these initiatives need to be taken from the European viewpoint, they should meet the common values commonly shared by the members of the EU: Matera should be able to represent these values according to its peculiarities.

There is also Matera among the towns currently running for office and it will be a commission made up of 13 indipendent European experts to decide who is going to get the highly prized designation.  The winning town will have to count on a wide range of cultural events all year round and moreover, in order to really deserve to be a European Capital of Culture it will have to show a cross-border, and so, European attitude.

The key factor to win the competition will be the peculiarity of the land, its ability to represent the cultural European identity and values through commendable initiatives.  From this point of view, Matera has the potential to offer a lot.

Its thousand-year old history, its rich cultural heritage which is represented by the “Sassi” and the international consideration recently gained (mainly thanks to the UNESCO) are just a few reasons for supporting the candidacy of Matera.

The other 5 towns (Cagliari, Lecce, Perugia-Assisi, Ravenna and Siena) are as considerable competitors as Matera.  However, we hope Matera will win, even to leave a significant mark: the South of Italy can offer great beauties and compete to reach important goals.

This is an unmissable occasion for Matera.  The European showcase could represent a huge opportunity to seize on, especially for tourist operators but also for all citizens, in order to give prominence to our beauties and traditions and increase the international consideration of our cultural heritage.

All we can do now is waiting for the final verdict.  The choice about the town that will perform the role of European Capital of Culture in 2019 is expected to be disclosed by the first half of October.

Yes, we believe it!






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