Parking in Matera

Where to park in Matera is a question that many people are asking us and that’s why I’ve decided to write a post about this subject.  I hope it can be useful to you, just to have a better idea about the areas to avoid because of the presence of cameras and electronic surveillance monitors detecting all licence plates of all vehicles passing through and so, regulating the circulation of vehicles in areas usually close to traffic, that is, in the so-called ZTL areas (“Zona a Traffico Limitato”, or better Limited Traffic Zone).  Moreover, I will provide you with information about both non-monitored and security-monitored parking lots.  Of course I just marked on the virtual map the streets close to the town centre from which you can easily reach the Sassi districts.

In the streets marked in blue you will find pay and display parking lots.  Buying a parking ticket is very simple since you will find several parking meters nearby, about every 80/100 m: you just should purchase the parking ticket and display it on the dashboard of your vehicle.  A parking ticket is just €0,70 per hour but the basic fee you should pay is €0,25 for 15 minutes stay.  These car parks (marked with blue stripes) must be paid from 8am to 2pm and from 4pm to 9pm: this means that during the remaing hours they are completely free of charge.  Of course, if you decide to park there, note that these parking lots are not supervised.

The red drop-shaped symbols indicate the covered and security-monitored parking lots: they are supervised 24 hours a day and you can park vehicles of any kind, that is cars, motorbikes and campers.

Blue men on the map indicate the limits of Limited traffic zones.  Each area has a different timetable, varying according to the season and the day of the week (weather working day or holiday).  Generally speaking, if you read on the electronic screen “VARCO ATTIVO” or it displays a red light, then you can neither pass through nor park in the Sassi.  By contrast, If the screen displays “VARCO NON ATTIVO” or a green light, then you can pass through but you CAN’T park there because parking lots are reserved to residents.   So, I suggest you not to venture in the Sassi to park: you just risk to waste time and receive steep fines.

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