Small hidden pearls: the Materdomini Church

Matera is very rich in churches and cloisters.  In fact in ancient times, monks and nuns used to seek refuge in the town of the Sassi as it was an ideal place to get in harmony with their soul.

The Materdomini Church is almost unknown.  Walking along Vittorio Veneto Square, right in the town centre, you can admire this small church of rare beauty which is nestled between other two buildings.  It dates back to the 1600 and it was commissioned by the “commendatore” of the knights of Malta.

From the outside, you can enjoy the view of the bell tower that can be accessed through an outer staircase whereas inside the church has an open-plan structure with a small altar and statues representing the Archangel Gabriel and the Virgin.

During the renovation, also the Holy Spirit Church has been brought to a new life: it lies just underneath the Materdomini Church and it is very rich in frescos worthy to be admired.

It is very likely to be captured by the “Belvedere Guerricchio” (the panoramic viewpoint) which can just be found next to the Materdomini Church without lingering your eyes on this beautiful church.  It really deserves your attention because of its particular architectural structure.

Therefore, I heartly recommend including the Materdomini Church in your itinerary to discover all the churches, monuments and buildings that the town offers and which are of great interest both from an architectural and historic point of view.

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